The Dark Cell Project

In 2004 Texas Department of Corrections began to harvest DNA from convicted felons. Harvesting genetic samples from some of the best criminal minds and most violent offenders the world had to offer. 

After Pres. Obama reversed legislature on genetic manipulation and cloning. TDC had the largest genetic pool of DNA that any had ever imagined. It did not take long for the prison medical division to receive grants and funding from corporate giants for allowing access to this reservoir of human knowledge.

So began the Dark Cell Project.

Under the guise of reducing prison cost and expediting illegal immigrant transfer back to Mexico a huge Ag-Seg prison facility was constructed under the sands of the New Mexico desert. Butted up against the Mexican border it had a back door that opened up into Mexico to release illegal aliens and eject undesirable inmates out of the country.

At least that was the cover story given to the press.